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Whilst some of you may be contemplating where to put your “X” this week there is actually only one vote that will consistently deliver and meet your expectations.  That is right – VOTE BEER!!

For the August evening we are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting Stellenbrau.  They are based in Stellenbosch and offer a range of beers named after the rich heritage of the town.  Their Craven Craft Lager is an international Gold Medalist beer – appropriate in the middle of the Olympics! It was voted top lager at the Global Craft Beer Awards in Berlin in 2014.


Prepare yourself for the evening by looking at the website at http://www.stellenbrau.co.za.

Details of the evening are as follows:

  • Date – Thursday, 11th July 2016
  • Time –19:00
  • Brewery – Stellenbrau
  • Venue – Main Bar @ Pirates
  • Entrance Fee – R60 (includes a light meal and tasting beers)

We have had a number of catering issues over the last few PCBC evenings so we cannot stress how important it is to register for the event.  We wouldn’t want people to leave the evening with totally empty stomachs (even if filled with beer):



Non & George