Bowls Update: 25 August


[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]A[/su_dropcap] well attended and positive AGM was held at the Club this past Sunday . The input from our members and concise reports from the Chairman and Treasurer all led to the state of affairs that prevailed . It was very encouraging to welcome some new members , too .

Our existing committee was returned en-bloc but with the addition of Gavin Coutts and Steve Delaney . Steve will be our new Vice-Chairman  . This position has not been filled for a while now and Steve’s willingness to accept it was much appreciated by all . In addition to his role as the driver of the Bowls Challenge we are certain that he will also prove to be a most enthusiastic senior member of the club whilst providing us all with a host of new ideas for everyone to get their teeth into . Gavin will assume the role of organiser of our internal club competitons whilst Cavin Cornelius will now concentrate on all competitions which fall under the auspices of the Johannesburg Bowls Association .

Steve Hunt remains Chairman as do Mike Theunissen as Treasurer and John Bartmann as Club Captain .

This coming Saturday morning sees us kick off at the Ferndale Bowling Club for their annual fours competition . We have been regular participants for many years but it is always great to be invited back to play .

Bowls Update: 18 August


[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]T[/su_dropcap]he spring treatment of our Greenside green is now in full swing . After the initial scarification process last week and the subsequent removal of vast amounts of grass , we “brushed” the green on Monday . This helps to lift most of the finer grass that was not picked up when the initial mounds were raked up . The green has been raked once more and will now receive its first cut from our mower . The mowing should pick everything up , level the grass surface and allow the next step to be undertaken which is the application of fertiliser and other muti along with some serious watering to ensure that all of this good stuff sinks in to the soil.

Some social bowlers had created a rather precarious , meandering “walkway” down the grass embankment from the deck towards the bank of the Greenside green. Our playing member of many years , resident builder and good samaritan , Malcolm Sampson , felt that every possibilty existed that someone could injure themselves quite badly should they fall down /off this walkway . As a result Malcolm went ahead and built a far safer structure of steps to replace this route using concrete and a number of cement paving slabs . Well done and many thanks , Malcolm .

The Old Parks trips tournament comes to an end this Saturday . We’ve had two sides representing us and, as always, they have kept the Pirates name flying high .

Our AGM will be held at the bowls clubhouse on Sunday 21 August 2016 at 10.00 a.m.  All potential bowlers and interested parties are most welcome to join us .


Bowls Update


We have finally completed the revamp of our deck and , in our less than humble opinion, believe that it looks grand. Next step the tables.

Our thanks again to Steve Delaney for all the work that he’s putting into the Bowls Challenge — very much appreciated.

We’re not sure whether he fell over last Sunday or this forms part of the promised “August surprise” but the Challenge ladder has now been turned upside down . What this means is that there are 2 months to go in order to climb to the top . The purpose of this is twofold . It offers more challenges for the bowlers and opportunities for them and everyone to mix with / meet entrants from the other sections of Pirates Club . With this upheaval in the ladder our club manager , Non , now finds herself at the top . Challenges are definitely called for !!

We’ll be closing the Greenside green from about the 10th/11th August 2016 for a period of approximately 8 weeks so that we can attend to the annual spring treatment thereof . The Pirates green will be in use for all activities over this period and obviously makes provision for the Bowls Challenge , club competitions , social bowls and functions .

Our AGM will be held at the bowls clubhouse on Sunday 21 August 2016 at 10.00 a.m.  All potential bowlers and interested parties are most welcome to join us .