Good Afternoon Pirates Members and Friends

Everyone knows that women can do almost anything but the one thing we are allowed to do without too much fuss is CHANGE OUR MINDS.

So I have changed my mind and changed the date of the Club Draw to FRIDAY 6TH DECEMBER


When we change our minds we always have a reason for doing it!! So here it is

Friday 29th November is a very busy day at the Club and the Club Draw would  have taken place in the Old Bones.  With it being Dave’s Farewell on the same night I realised that this could be a bit cramped and very hot!!!  So I changed my mind easy as that!

So on Friday 6th December we will have our Club Draw and this will take place in the Pigeon House (as the Main Bar is booked again) AND we have refurbished the Pigeon House and I would like our members to see it!!!

The Club Draw will also be a Christmas Party and the Club’s last bash of the year and to say our final happy birthday to 125 years!! With it being a Christmas Party I would like to appeal to our members to bring a gift for underprivileged children or adults – I will let you know soonest which Charity we will be supporting.

This evening will also be our farewell to Dave Benn who will be leaving us on the 20th December.

The Club will provide a few snacks for the evening – the kitchen will be open but I would also like to appeal to people to bring a plate of eats as well as it could be a long night!!!

Music will be provided and lots of fun will had had.

I trust everyone is happy with my change of mind – but if not I am afraid it is SORRY FOR YOU!!

See you all on the 6th December in the Pigeon House