[su_heading size=”20″]Results[/su_heading]

Pirates A drew 3-3 against MCC. Goal Scorers: Matthew Smith, Nick Raal and Divan Calldo.
Pirates B lost 2-1 against MCC E. Goal Scorer: Dennis Calldo.
Pirates C won against Jeppe D due to default 5-0 as Jeppe could not field a side.
Pirates D lost 4-1 against Crusaders. Goal Scorer: Wessel Botha.

Pirates A lost 0-4 against WITS A.
Pirates B lost 6-1 against Old Parks A. Goal Scorer: Nicci O’Connor.
Pirates C lost 1-0 against VUT C

[su_heading size=”20″]Fixtures[/su_heading]
Pirates A vs Khosa at 11:15 OLD @ NHS
Pirates B vs Wanderers G at 09:45 @ Wanderers
Pirates C vs Crusaders D at 08:15 @ ST Stithians
Pirates Men D vs Wanderers Men I at 15:45 @ Wanderers

Pirates A vs Wanderers at 08:15 @ Randburg Bottom
Pirates B vs Wanderers at 09:45 NHS
Pirates C vs MCC Ladies at 12:45 @ MCC