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Experiencing Life’s firsts through Running

Experiencing Life’s firsts through Running
Michelle Davis, Pirates Club, Greenside
21 September 2017
“Being on an airplane was scary- especially when it goes up. I felt the fear coming to my mind and then when we were up in the air, I felt free.”
These are the words of Jack Makganyoga, 44 years, a Pirates member who experienced flying for the first time in his life as he travelled to Cape Town to participate in the Cape Town Marathon. Jack represents the Pirates Running Club Development initiative and together with fellow runner Katleho Monaheng, have been training hard to break personal records at this coastal run in the Mother City.
Jack Makganyoga (left) and Katleho Monaheng (right) about to take their first airplane ride
Katleho’s goal was to break 30 minutes for the 10 km race. Explaining the details of his race he notes “To start I wasn’t nervous. I was excited. I was very tired because I didn’t sleep well and my neck was sore but at the start, my body started getting excited. In the beginning, I was leading the race and then started running my own race at 2h50 per km. The advice I had before the race was that I must always be able to see the leaders. I didn’t leave them but at about 6km, I realized my shoes were too small as my left toe was curled in and painful… but I could still see the leaders and didn’t let them out my sight. Each person that passed me, I ran with them. With 2km to go, I met up with a runner from a rival club and we pushed each other to the finish. We were sprinting!”
“..When I run I am so focused I don’t see anything. But this time we ran alongside the beach. Just for a few seconds I looked up and I saw the sea, the mist and the waves crashing and it gave me energy…”

Katleho finished the race in a time of 30 minutes 20 seconds- beating his PB by close on 2 minutes, although unfortunately not breaking his own goal of sub 30 minutes. He notes however that it was all about the experience. “Normally when I run I am so focused I don’t see anything. But this time we ran alongside the beach. Just for a few seconds I looked up and I saw the sea, the mist and the waves crashing and it gave me energy. I thought to myself ‘wow I can do this!”

Jack’s race didn’t go as well as he had hoped. Commenting with disappointment in his voice he notes “I started fast because its known to be a flat race. But after 24km I felt the cramp was coming and so I started to slow my pace. At 30km 1 leg started cramping and it was painful so I walked a bit saying to myself ‘I am going to finish.’ In the last 5km, both legs started to cramp. I got help from other runners who rubbed my legs. I was amazed. Runners always help each other. I was disappointed but I will try again next time and ask fellow runners how to deal with cramps.”

Jack enjoying the sights of the V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain

Both runners note fondly how friendly and engaging the Capetonians are and how electric the vibe was amongst the fellow travelers on the plane. “We met so many people at the airport. One guy- you could see he was a runner- came to greet us and wish us well. And then there was another traveler who was our biggest fan and wasn’t even a runner” notes Katleho.

The Development Squad at Pirates Road Running is an initiative started by the club and spearheaded by member David Case and his wife Sandra to afford an opportunity for local, disadvantaged athletes to meet their running goals and dreams through the provision of funding. This was a weekend of first for both gents- not only flying for the first time but also watching rugby in a local restaurant and topping it off with wine tasting. “I had white wine first and it was very bad so I told David I needed to try the red wine. They gave us 5 samples and I could only get through 2 but could see that Dave and Sandra were experienced at this” says Jack laughing. “David and Sandra also took us to a restaurant in Observatory where we ate the best burgers I have ever had in my life” recalls Katleho, adding “they are a good couple. They have good hearts. They always made sure we were alright and Dave even cooked beef for us!”

Jack recalls how he went and stood in the sea and Katleho notes the awe he saw in Jack’s eyes as he collected shells from the beach. Responding to what the best part of the whole weekend was, Katleho notes “My best moment was around 7pm when we all sat down to dinner. No TV. No cell phones or technology but just the big windows with a view of Cape Town. We were all relaxed and had pure conversation together for 30 minutes. This was with our whole spirit. This is what it means to be human.”

Runners who reside or work in the Greenside/ Parks area who are interested in joining the Pirates Development initiative can visit the Pirates Road Running website to view the criteria for applications. 

Junior Rugby 2017

Pirates Junior Rugby 2017
calendar Registration:  Saturday 13 May: 2pm-4pm | Wednesday 17 May: 5pm-7pm | Friday 19 May: 5pm-7pm
First Practice: Wednesday 17th May
circular-line-with-word-age-in-the-center For boys aged 7-13
clock Time: 5:15pm-6:30pm every Wednesday and Friday
south-african-rand Price: R850 for Season per a child
Please bring:
ID size photo of child
a copy of the child’s birth certificate
a copy of parents’ Medical Aid
placeholder Pirates Club, 25 Braeside Road, Greenside


phone-book Steve Foxton Junior Rugby Chair  082 570 4897
phone-book Heather Dolley Administrator

Junior Rugby Information Sheet

Code of Conduct

Player Profile



Champagne and Oysters at Pirates Club
Join us for a sophisticated afternoon of sparkling wine and salty morsels from the sea. And if oysters and bubbly isn’t your thing there’s sure to be something from our selection of food and drink for you.

Tickets are opening soon but put your name down on our guest list and we’ll let you know as soon as they do!

Bowls Update 1 Dec 2016

D avid Ndlovu (our barman) was very excited to receive his long service award and the bowls guys are grateful that he was rewarded in this way. He’s been a star for a very long time .

The Saturday Leagues as well as the Wednesday League are now behind us for 2016 and will pick up again in mid-January 2017. Our 3rd Division team won a close match on Saturday but our 6th Division guys lost as did the Pennant side. Both our Wednesday sides managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yesterday with our one team losing on the last end. Thanks again to Fiona for some really yummy snacks after the day’s play.

The 3rd Division team has moved up to 8th out of 12 but the points difference between the team lying 7th and that lying 11th is only 2.5 so things are very tight with victories becoming increasingly important.

Cavin Cornelius’s singles tournament, happily known as Cavin’s Canary, will be played on Saturday and Sunday 7/8 January 2017. Entries cost R300 and may be paid to either Cavin or David the barman. This will be the 21st running of this tournament which promises to be a more special event than usual. Do try to enter as it gives you the opportunity to play against some of Gauteng’s real hotshots .

Richard Oosthuisen is back from a well earned break and will be putting some additional work and TLC into the Pirates green, especially with the Canary in mind.

Newsletter – 25th November 2016

We’re going Mexican tomorrow but first we would love to see you all here this evening as we celebrate the long service of our bar, house and ground staff. The Springboks play Wales in their final game of the European tour at 19:00.  Adiós

Friday 25th November: Club Night — final Club Draw and Long Service Awards. events
Friday 16th December: 32nd Annual Wobblers and Wigglers Hat Race. events


Saturday 26th November: 
Tequila & Mexican Food Festival
Live Entertainment:
12:00 – 13:00 ☀ Gunshot Blue
13:00 – 14:00 ☀ Justin Serrao
14:00 – 15:00 ☀ Deon Bakkes and the Stolen Horses
15:00 – 16:00 ☀ Matthew Mole
16:00 – 17:00 ☀ Francois van Coke
17:00 – 18:00 ☀ Shortstraw


Paid-up Club Members will be allocated complimentary tickets on a first-come first-serve basis from the bar or from the office on Saturday morning.
Anyone exiting the clubhouse via the deck and towards fields will need to wear a festival armband.


Club Members will need to display a Pirates Club car sticker or membership card at the Braeside Rd entrance. All non-member parking will be in the park.

Jozi Food Market

will continue as normal but there will be no access to the front lawns or deck area.



Beniamino Pellegrini pulled off a stunning feat with his top ten finish in the 100km SkyRun this past weekend in a time of 15:21:07! Only a handful have ever completed the event in under 16 hours in its 20 year history and less so achieving Comrades silver in the same year. Other Pirates who did us proud include Jan Vreken claiming the coveted 24 hour medal (22:00:18). Louis-John  Ferreira (27:50:11) and Bradley Nelson (28:16:54) both finished comfortably within the 30 hour cut-off while Jack Davis pulled off an epic 13th position on the 65km course in a time of 12:09:29.

Congrats too to our 94.7 cyclists! Rodney Matthews – 02:52:52 | Jason Smith – 02:52:52 | Brian Malcomees – 02:53:25 | Ian Benson – 02:53:57 | Clive Main – 02:57:05 | Marc Corker – 03:02:04 | Paul Vlaming – 03:17:03 | Peter Botha – 03:24:40 | Shirley Buchholtz – 04:59:47 | Matthew Smith – 06:30:00 and
Best of luck to all runners taking part in the Tough One this Sunday!

4Play Challenge

An annual tradition between Pirates, Kudus, Wanderers and Old Eds running club the 4Play Challenge usually starts with a run between 5–8km, and then the clubs get down to all sorts of fun and games.  The host club comes up with newly invented games to bring out the best of silliness in the teams.  The whole idea is to cheat as much as possible, and no matter who gets the most points, this is always rigged by the judges so that the home team wins! This is followed by a bring-and-braai and club members stick around and do some socialising with each other, and with their families, who also participate.


‘Who Am I’ Riddle

Pirates Road Running Chair, Hennie Booysen, was the only Pirate to correctly guess the three athletes in Almanac Riddle. winning R300 loaded onto his membership card!


Two Day December Clinic 

Date: 8th & 9th December

Place: Pirates Tennis Club

Time: 9:00am-11:30am

Contact Alex:
082 635 5043/ 076 905 3834 


Double Vodka & Elite only R30!


High Performance Training: R499  per month
** Get ready for your season with world-class techniques and international trainers **
Three sessions a week | 17:45-18:30


All our Saturday League sides lost last weekend. Sadly we’re near the bottom of our respective leagues but with a little bit of good fortune things should change.

Only one of our Wednesday league teams was in action this week but they came up against a strong Old Parks combination that showed no mercy.

Our barman, David Ndlovu, will be receiving a long service award at the Main Club tomorrow evening . David is highly regarded by all who come into contact with him and we congratulate him on this achievement . Some of us have known David for almost thirty years which takes us back to the days of The Bulls & Bears restaurant in the old Stock Exchange building in the Johannesburg CBD.

Dave Price is in the Netcare Clinton hospital in Alberton having his knees fixed up again. For those of you who know him there’s no doubt that he’ll appreciate a visit will.



NEWSLETTER – 17 November 2016

It’s the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge this weekend, good luck to all members taking part and read more below how you can show your support! Remember there will be road closures, particularly along Jan Smuts Drive, click here for live traffic updates. The Bokke continue their European Tour against Italy on Saturday at 15h00! Finally if you’ve ever thought of doing Comrades join us for a chat and advice from our experienced runners in The Old Bones on Tuesday from 7pm.

Coming up

Tuesday 22 November: Comrades Intro Chat, 7pm at the Old Bones
Wednesday 23rd November: Harry Potter Pub Quiz.
Friday 25th November: Club Night — final Club Draw and Long Service Awards


“Old Pirates Never Die, They just get blown off shore”

Need we say more?


Saturday 26th November: Tequila & Mexican Food Festival
Club Members will be allocated complimentary tickets for this exciting event taking place on the grounds next Saturday. Save the date and look out for more important details next week!



94.7 Cycle supporters

The Annual Pirates 94.7 Cycle Race Support Gazebo will once again be just off Jan Smuts Avenue at Timber City, Blairgowrie (the slip road) on Sunday. We will be there from about 7am until 2pm. The braai skottle will be available so bring your own Brunch, cooler box & chairs. It has been great fun over the last  8 or more years. Come down and Support. All Welcome. Dress in Pirates Club gear or as a pirate, arrrghh!
See Ya There!
Neil | BaseBall/Road Running | 0824570285




Two Pirates members, Beni Pellegrini and Brad Nelson, will be taking on the 100km SkyRun this weekend. You can track their trek through the Winterberg at



The Rugby section held their AGM last night with thanks to the 2016 committee and those members who have volunteered their time again and to our new committee members and newly elected president, Mark Marais.


High Performance Training: R499  per month
** Get ready for your season with world-class techniques and international trainers **
Three sessions a week | 17:45-18:30



Our sides have had something of a topsy-turvy start to the season . All three of our league sides (1st, 2nd and Pennant) lost on Saturday although the scores do not give an accurate reflection of how the games progressed. Our 1st team played at home against the current log-leaders Old Parks. What was rewarding was to hear the very complimentary things that were said about our Greenside green by the opposition. There were also many good things said about the quality and quantity of the snacks provided after the game and we compliment Fiona of Puff Pastry on a job very well done. May her efforts long continue!

Yesterday was Wednesday league again and we had a derby game in that our two Pirates sides met each other . Ultimately Mike Theunissen’s side prevailed over that of Cavin Cornelius by four shots .

Joker Draw

Our waitress, Abby Edgar, was drawn last Friday but unfortunately did not turn the joker so its now rolled over to R5930. Come try your luck on Friday!

For the next two weekends we will be hosting fundraising charity events at The Bowls Club Hall. Poker this Saturday and Jazz the next, it promises to be fun!




What a week it’s been with Trumped up American politics and local floods so why not come down to the club this weekend to unwind? And don’t miss the  Springboks take on England at Twickenham on Saturday at 16h30!

Coming up

Saturday 19th November: Pirates Cricket Braai Master Competition
Wednesday 23rd November: Harry Potter Pub Quiz.
Friday 25th November: Club Night — final Club Draw and Long Service Awards.


We won our two Wednesday League matches last week as well as seeing a clean sweep from all three of our sides on Saturday . Sadly the Wednesday sides lost in very close fought matches yesterday . It’s still early stages for our Saturday League teams but there have been encouraging signs that we may do well all round.


Find two mates and join us on the Greens this summer for the Thirsty Trips Competition. Represent your section!  More details below!




Old Boys Tens Tournament

The Club hosted a very successful Old Boys Tens Tournament on Saturday – if any members were here they would have seen the fantastic crowd and the great vibe at the Club. I would like to thank all our staff for their extremely hard work and for keeping a sense of humour through all of it.  We all worked 12 hours with no break so it was a fantastic effort.

A special thank you must however go to two of our members who stepped up to the plate and go involved with helping, once they started we would not let them go so they ended up working all day!

Thank you to Johnny Dixon, Mike Carlisle and Brad Guymer– you have no idea how your help and cheerful faces kept us going all day.
Pirates Club always amazes me as to what a special place it is where members just roll up their sleeves and get involved to help the Club.

Here’s to Old Boys Tens 2017– they are coming back as they loved Pirates so much.

~ Non





Congrats to the First XV and their great wins to start off their 20/20 campaign! CATCH ALL THE RESULTS
Pirates Cricket will once again be hosting their Braai Master Competition on 19 November, please come join the fun! More details below:





Last weekend of league for 2016.  Come and watch your club members in action!  Pirates Mixed A and Mixed C team both playing at home starting at 08h30 and Pirates Junior A team in action at home from 13h30.

The tennis section is having an end of year get together on Saturday 3 December from 4pm.  Come and play some tennis, have a drink and meet your fellow tennis members.

RSVP to Caroline: 


Congratulations to the new 2016/2017 committee: Hennie Booysen (continuing as Chair) | Greg Cleeve-Edwards (continuing as Treasurer) | Matthew Smith | Neil Smith | Michael Green | Rodney Matthews | Julia Giddy | Struan Brown | Brian Malcomess

Joker Draw

was postponed last Friday due to the Old Boys Tens so this evening we will be starting at  R5530.00. You know the drill, its R10 a ticket and if your ticket is drawn and you turn the card you walk away with the pot!





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