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4 types of orgasms every woman should have once

A little routine in life is naturally very welcome. One makes sure one gets out the door on time in the morning or goes to the gym regularly in the evening. But sticking to routine in sex life? That doesn't make it any more exciting. Research has shown that women can have four different orgasms: clitoral, vaginal, mixed or multiple. Are you curious? We explain it to you below. Post a sex ad and meet horny men.

1. clitoral orgasm

It probably goes without saying, but the clitoris is a very sensitive area in women. Up to 8,000 nerves meet there. Many women will therefore confirm that when they are stimulated in this spot they get aroused and cum faster. However, according to sex therapist Sari Cooper, the orgasm will be much more intense and powerful if your partner strokes or massages other parts of your genitals first, instead of going directly to your 'hot spot'.

Tip: 'Ask your partner to draw large circles on the labia and the top of the clitoris with his finger,' says Cooper. She can do this as foreplay, but also during sex.

2. vaginal orgasm

Most women are only familiar with the clitoral orgasm. However, vaginal stimulation is considered essential to make the orgasm more complete and intense. This is probably due to the presence of nerve endings in the vagina itself in combination with the extensions from the clitoris to the vagina. By stimulating the clitoris, you will feel the vagina contract over time. If you and your partner only focus on the clitoral orgasm, you will ignore the subtle sensations in your vagina.

Tip: stimulate not only the clitoris but also the inside of the vagina with a finger or vibrator.

3. mixed orgasm

It is commonly believed that there are two main forms of orgasm for women: the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal orgasm. However, there are many others that are more subtle and personal. You will find that a mixed orgasm, i.e. a combination of clitoral and vaginal pleasure, is at least twice as intense.

Tip: the 'Girl on Top' is very popular for a mixed orgasm. It allows the partner to stimulate the clitoris with his fingers during sex. A mixed orgasm is especially easy when you are very aroused. So start with good, prolonged foreplay. Kiss, caress, lick and massage each other's sensitive body parts.

4. multiple orgasm

The word multiple orgasm says it all: multiple ejaculation. This does not 'only' mean that you ejaculate several times a day, but that you ejaculate several times during lovemaking or masturbation. So if you ejaculate three times a day, for example in the morning, at midday and in the evening, this has nothing to do with a multiple or double orgasm.

Tip: by practising and masturbating regularly, you learn to know your body better, to know exactly what you like and how to reach orgasm. You can also pass this on to your partner. It is very important to build up tension slowly. If you pay a lot of attention to foreplay and develop it slowly, you will find that sex and orgasms will be much more intense and pleasurable.