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Gbets South Africa 2022 / Gbets App, Login and Bonus

GBets App Download on Android and iOS

Gbets is a South Africa-based sports betting company that offers online gaming solutions. In addition to the general gaming offered by other sports betting companies, Gbets has an innovative approach to gambling, with an in-built ‘support system’ for the gambler. 

The Gbets team are driven by innovation and customer satisfaction, always looking for ways in which to improve their already successful product. Founded in 2014 with seed investment from Argus Venture Partners and Sanlam Ventures, Gbets has grown into one of South Africa’s most successful internet startups. Gbets has continued to raise funding, with a fourth round of investment in 2017, bringing its total capital raised to close to R26-million.

With over 1.4 million users across more than 200 countries, Gbet is one of the most popular sports betting sites in the world. Gbets offers more than 100 different type of bets each week, including Wagers on Football matches, Tennis matches and Horse Racing events along with offering unique Specials such as the ‘Super Bowl LII’ Bet which sees customers win if New York Giants are victorious or lose if Philadelphia Eagles are victorious. 

Gbets is also the industry leader in providing customers with a ‘support system’; an array of personalised alerts and notifications delivered directly to their mobile devices. Alerts such as the "If your horse wins you get $1000" message, delivered to customers just before they place a bet, ensure that customers receive all the information they need to maximise their chances of winning bet. In addition to this, Gbets is also developing new and innovative betting systems and tools aimed at improving customer experience and utilising technology to create a truly unique online experience. 

The betting company is an active contributor in the local community, being involved in efforts to educate young people on the risks associated with gambling. Gbets has previously been named one of the top 50 companies to watch by MyBroadband and listed among the most innovative companies in South Africa by Forbes. 

GBets App

Menu & Navigation

GBets is available in all stores, where users can download the app on their phones. Once installed, they will be able to receive notifications, alerts and benefits exclusive to the app. 

Gbets also has a blog on their site that is aimed at educating gamblers about betting systems, money management and how to develop long-term winning strategies. 

The mobile version of the site and its differences from applications

The mobile version of the site and its differences from applications in web technology are notable. Your mobile device has a purpose in sport betting, Gbets is the leader in this approach to South Africans. 

There are many ways in which customers can contact Gbets for assistance, whether it be by email or through live chat. The live chat option means that users can get answers to their questions immediately, instead of having to wait for an email response. 

GBets is one of the most popular online sports betting sites based on number of users and rounds offered per week. Most round bets will be placed with the pre-match market before a single ball is kicked or a single putt is made.

Advantages of the mobile app

The app is available for both iOS and Android. The main advantage of the app is convenience. The second best thing about the app is that Gbets can send you push notifications, which means that you will get all the latest news about your favorite sport or match at any given time.

The application contains all of the same functionality as the web version, with a few notable exceptions. When creating accounts, the only two options are either sign up or login. On an iPhone 6s, after clicking on sign up it does not display all of the fields needed to fill out in order to create an account, but once logged in it functions without any issues.

Mobile App Review

The live chat function is available only through the phone app, but it looks exactly the same as the mobile version of the site. The live chat option has eliminated all of the frustration that users have experienced when contacting Gbets on their computer.

All of this functionality can be quickened by using the mobile app. This ensures that users are able to see all of their favorite aspects of Gbets, no matter where they are or what time it may be. GBets offers a wide variety of sports to bet on, with over 100 different options each week, with football being the most popular type across all betting apps in South Africa, followed by tennis and horse racing.

Gbets Sportsbook

GBets sportsbook also features a wide variety of betting options. There are several different types of bets available on the site, including wagers on football matches, tennis matches, horse racing events and other popular sporting events. There are also plenty of betting options for recreational bettors to try out. Thoroughbred racing is one of the most popular types of bets, with customers able to place wagers on horses that are competing in either major thoroughbred races across South Africa or at major international tracks around the world. The site also offers plenty of other wagering possibilities, including Baseball games and golf tournaments that are taking place this season. 

The site also offers many different live wagering options for gamblers. Customers will be able to place wagers on major sporting events that are taking place today or tomorrow, with point-spread bets being one of the most popular types. Bettors have the choice of placing their wagers in either American or European style, depending on where they are located. 

There are also plenty of Special bets available for customers to try out, including Proposition Bets. Proposition Bets are very popular at Gbets, with new ones being offered every week. This is one of the ways that Gbets sets itself apart from other sportsbooks in South Africa, with many different betting options available for customers to try out.