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This is why football selection is so important

Building character and developing competence through the ball is very important in football. Not only our society is subject to many norms, rules and laws. The same applies to various team sports, including football as a popular sport. Many rules and conditions are necessary for the game to function. Football, including the rules, is much more complicated and confusing than it seems at first glance. If during a football match the referee blows the whistle and shows a card, spectators or fans do not always agree with the decision or cannot understand it.

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Many rules can be interpreted in different ways

This is where the problems begin. Many rules are subject to interpretation, facts usually known only to coaches, players and referees. A simple spectator knows only the usual rules on the field. But not the scope that is available for their implementation and assessment of situations. This is important to consider when you make sports bets: learn more at!

The rules in football partly depend on interpretation. If a penalty kick was caused by a forced stop in the penalty area and the defender of team XY lost a duel with the forward of team YZ, many people talk about the lost duel, which turned out to be decisive. This had consequences that can no longer be revised. However, the consequences can be mitigated. For example, when the referee does not remove the defender or when the penalty is canceled for some other reason. A penalty saved by the goalkeeper of team XY can also mitigate the consequences. Even if the defender who broke the rules was sent off beforehand. Unfortunately, double penalties in football are still common.

Of course, it is questionable whether it is worth judging whether the loss in the decisive match really led to the situation. It could happen that the defender won the duel, and the goalkeeper could not prevent the goal of the attacking opponent. Perhaps the goalkeeper and the defender could not do anything. For example, if the attacker was really good and desperate and would certainly score the ball into the goal. No one knows what would have happened if...

Decisive behavior in a match

Decisive matches can only occur if a player of the opposing team can penetrate into a vulnerable area of the defending team, such as the penalty area, the last third or one of the corners at the end of the field. This circumstance is always preceded by at least one mistake. For example, losing a pass or a header.
If, because of this circumstance, a goal is scored 15 seconds late, the TV commentators always return to the point where the team that scored the goal took possession of the ball.

Chains of mistakes and their consequences

A good coach will never publicly condemn one player and hold him responsible for the opponent's goal. Rhetoric and decency prohibit this! A lost match always has a story. The player who gave the pass to a teammate who then lost the duel would have had the opportunity to hold the ball longer or play on a completely different teammate. If you want to know more about this, then pay attention to What is Asian Handicap?

Consequences of chains of errors Every chain of delusions begins with a link through which evil occurs. In the end, the path to a lost match and how it happens must be objectively analyzed and seen. This often ignores the quality of the opponent. Instead of just pouncing on a teammate's mistake, the individual class of the player who won the duel should not be overlooked. The chain of mistakes cannot always be interrupted. This should be known by players, coaches and fans who are not directly involved in the action. The one who judges may at some point make a mistake himself and then hopes for tolerance and compassion, not for verbal skirmishes. Solidarity should be in the foreground, not haste, no matter what mistakes happen during the game.