Road Races November 2018



Information about the races has been obtained from the Runnersguide website and is up to date at the time of publication of the newsletter.  The racing calendar definitely sees a slow down as we approach the end of the calendar.  The month starts with a big bang of marathons before petering out with gaps on some weekends.

7 November 2018



Races Missed: Soweto marathon

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 11th November [/su_heading]

Alberton Half Marathon & 10km

The Alberton half is probably the flattest 21km in Joburg as the town is off the hilly rand. The race starts at 6am in the morning from the Alberton Rugby Club, which is where the athletics club also based. The route can be exposed but with the early start one would be done very early.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 25th November[/su_heading]

RAC City Lodge Tough One 32km

The RAC Tough One is a traditional race on the Pirates calendar and as such it will have a gazebo and a breakfast. The route is a testing one with a long slog up gradual gradients (read slow poison) from the right turn off Witkoppen around 14km. This is one of the 21 bucket list races to do in the 2nd half of the year.



Races Missed: Tshwane Oppie Bol Disability Awareness

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 17th November[/su_heading]

Tom Jenkins Challenge Run/Walk

There is a half marathon and a 10km at this race. The race is run through the historic suburbs of Pretoria and starts and finishes on the lawns of the Union Buildings. Make no mistake this is a very difficult race with a brutal climb up the dreaded Tom Jenkins Drive above the Union Buildings. This is one of the 21 bucket list races to do in the 2nd half of the year.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 24th November [/su_heading]

Voortrekker Monument Half and 10km

This is a brand new race on the calendar so route information is a little scarce. What is guaranteed is that the route will be very tough. Those that are familiar with the Vasbyt race know that the Voortrekker monument sits on top of a hill and no matter how they craft the route there will be a brutal climb in it somewhere.



Races Missed: Kaapsehoop Marathon

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 10th November [/su_heading]

Spar Bela-Bela Marathon

The Bela-Bela marathon is the biggest race in Limpopo in the entire year. Definitely a race of two halves with a pan flat first 21km followed by a very hilly 2nd half.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 10th November[/su_heading]

The Winelands Marathon

The Winelands Marathon is a race between Stellenbosch and Somerset West and back again. For those that are familiar with the winelands you will know that the area is not flat with the R44 between the two towns including a lot of little valleys. Look out for the turn up the gravel Stellenrust road to really deliver a cheap shot.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 17th November[/su_heading]

Medihelp Cherry Race

The Cherry race is part of the Ficksburg Cherry Festival. It can definitely be defined as a mountain race with the high point on the Imperani Mountain being roughly halfway along the course. It has been called Free State’s biggest race with all the visitors at the cherry festival. This is one of the 21 bucket list races to do in the 2nd half of the year.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 24th November [/su_heading]

Sani Stagger

There is quite a contingent of Pirates runners who are going to do this race. One of those events where if you blink you would have missed the entry window (even marathon entries closed within a day). The Sani Stagger is a brutal marathon with 21km up the Sani Pass to the summit before turning around and running back down again. Well over 1000m of elevation within 10km. This is one of the 21 bucket list races to do in the 2nd half of the year.

Oct Members List

Abrahams, Grant Road Running
Adebayo, Bashiru Tennis
Alan, Uzzell Social
Albrecht, Adrian Road Running
Albrecht, Jessica Road Running
Alexander,Rob Road Running
Allen, Anthony Road Running
Allsworth, Shirley Anne Road Running
Anderson,Clayton Road Running
Antonites, Alan Social
Arter, Neville Life Member
Atkinson, Bruce Tennis
Ayres, Neil Bowls
Bachelor, Kyle Hockey
Bachelor, Vaughan Hockey
Backwell,Pam Road Running
Bailes, Shayla Road Running
Baker, Simon Squash
Baleson, Gary Social
Banfield, Douglas Life Member
Barker,James Road Running
Barker,Robyn Road Running
Barnes, Chris Road Running
Barnes, Coralee Road Running
Barnes, Sally Road Running
Barry, Cavan Squash
Bartlett, Graeme Squash
Bartlett, Jamie Social
Bartman, John Social
Bashe, Khanya Social
Batchelor, John Social
Batwell,John Bowls
Benn,Roger Social
Benson, Ian Running – 5 yrs 2015-2019
Benson,Leigh Anne Road Running
Berry, Malcolm Tennis
Bester,Ferdie Tennis
Betton,Georgina Road Running
Beyers,Hector Tennis
Bhagwandin,Adhil Tennis
Bilse, Tegan Squash / Hockey
Binnie, Michael Social
Blanckenberg, Steve Life Member
Booysen, Hennie Road Running
Borland, Ken Social
Bormann,Reinald Tennis
Bormann,Zani Tennis
Bosse,Bryce Road Running
Botes, Johan Road Running
Bothma,Jacques Tennis
Bracher,Paul Tennis
Braham, Steve Social
Brett, Kaye Road Running
Brink, George Social
Brink,Helen Social
Brink,Mike Tennis
Brooks, AJ Social
Broomfield,Gavin Social
Brown, Alan Hockey
Brown, Arran Road Running
Brown, Kingsley Cricket
Brown, Stuart Road Running
Brown,Paula Road Running
Browne, Cheryl Road Running
Browne, Christopher Road Running
Brubacher, M Running
Brummall, Samantha Hockey
Brummer, Maddi Road Running
Buchholtz, Shirley Road Running
Burke,Paul Bowls
Busshau, Patrick Social
Butcher,Nigel Baseball
Byrne, Fabian Road Running
Camarate, Jorge Road Running
Cameron,Christa Tennis
Cant, Stewart Road Running
Cant,Sherryl Road Running
Cantrell,John Road Running
Capela,Michael Road Running
Capozza,Peter Tennis
Card, Cliff Life Member
Card, Cliff Squash
Carlton,Steve Social
Carman,Mary Road Running
Carr, Alex Tennis
Carter, Helen Hockey
Case, David John Running – 5 yrs 2015-2019
Case, Sandra Running – 5 yrs 2015-2019
Chauvet,George Tennis
Cheetham,Gregg Road Running
Clark, Irene Bowls
Cleeve-Edwards, Gregory Road Running
Clingman, Elaine Life Member
Clyde,Germond Road Running
Cochrane, Johann Hockey
Coetzer,Bradley Bowls
Coppola, Angelo Road Running
Crawley,Peter Road Running
Creighton, Michael Road Running
Cropley, Kate Tennis
Cross, Paul Bowls
Crowther,Servaas Marcus Road Running
Crozier,Brett Squash
Crwys-Williams, Geraint Road Running
Cunningham, Sean Hockey
Cutler, Stuart Road Running
Cvetkovie, Nanad Tennis
Dacre, Andrew Hockey
Davies,Chris Tennis
Davis, Mark Road Running
Davis, Michelle Road Running
de Jager, Nico Road Running
De Klerk,Riko Social
De Kock, Robin Road Running
de la Motte,Pierre Tennis
De La Rey, Anne Hockey
De La Rey, Danielle Hockey
De Necker, Gustav Bowls
De Souza, Stacey Hockey
De Villiers, Roschen Road Running
Dedekind, Micha Hockey
Del Carme, Liam Social
Delaney, Ilona Bowls
Delaney, Steve Bowls
Dennis, Terry Bowls
Dennison, Lesley Road Running
Densem,Rob Road Running
Denyer, Ron Squash
Dittrich,Denise Tennis
Dodgen, Morne Hockey
Dowding, Dave Social
Du Plessis, Jandre Hockey
Du Plessis, Pieter Road Running
Du Plessis,Andre Tennis
du Preez, Jaques Hockey
Du Preez, Tristen Cricket
du Preez,Peter Bowls
du Trevou,Joss Tennis
Duggan,Sean Social
Duigan,Linda Tennis
Dunbar, James Douglas Road Running
Dutton, Jane Tennis
Easthorpe,Brandon Road Running
Easthorpe,Darrell Road Running
Ebden, Craig Road Running
Edgar, Douglas Social
Eliason,Mark Road Running
Elliot, Natalie Tennis
Elliot,Paul Social
Elliott, Finn Tennis
Elstob,Peter Social
Engelbrecht, Gawie Bowls
Erasmus, Anna Maree Squash
Erasmus,Lourens Tennis
Evans, Carol Tennis
Fabris,Roberto Tennis
Faulconbridge, Rodney Life Member
Foxton, Steve Social
Francis, Yunis Road Running
Fraser, Graham Bowls
Fraser,Jim Social
Fredericks, Imeraan Cricket
Fredricks, Imeraan Cricket
Friedman,Adriaan Road Running
Frisby,Salmon Tennis
Futter,Kieron Road Running
G, Gleeson Bowls
Gadney, David Social
Gardner, Dave Life Member
Gavin,Coutts Bowls
Gebhardt, M Road Running
Gell,Thomas Tennis
Georgeson, Alastair Social
Giddy,Julia Road Running
Gill, Simon Hockey
Gillard, Trevor Tennis
Gillett, Giles Tennis
Gleeson, Bronwyn Bowls
Goldswain, Ken Tennis
Goldwain,George Tennis
Goosen,Caroline Tennis
Gordon, Ginge Squash
Gouveia, Donny Social
Grand-Dewyse,Alexandre Road Running
Grealy, Peter Social
Green, Kelvin Cricket
Green, Niesha Road Running
Green,Micheal Road Running
Greyling,Gerry Road Running
Grobbelaar, Dana Social
Grobbelaar,Beverley Road Running
Groves, Mark Social
Guy, Doug Cricket
Guy, Greg Bowls / Social
Hallett, Gareth Road Running
Hamman, Lloyd Hockey
Hammond,Disa Social
Hammond,Vince Social
Hancox, Eva Road Running
Hansell, Scott Road Running
Hanson, Lloyde Stephen Squash 5 yrs
Hanson,Trudie Squash
Hardy, Matthew Cricket
Harris, Tim Squash
Harris,Kevin Cricket
Harrison, Brett Cricket
Harrison, Frances Road Running
Harvey, Ria Bowls
Harvey, Sherri Road Running
Harvey,Lee Road Running
Hayton, Stephen Social
Hendricks, Donavan Tennis
Hendricks, Jo-Anne Tennis
Hendrickse,Charles Road Running
Henning,Lex Social
High, Martie Road Running
Hildyard, Lance Squash
Hofert,Melissa Road Running
Hogarth, Roger Social
Holding, Max Life Member
Holing, Clint Road Running
Holman, Richard Hockey
Holmes,Kim Road Running
Hough, Chrissie Bowls
Hugo, Bradley Road Running
Human, Catrina Road Running
Human, Wynand Road Running
Hume, Ian Social
Hunt, Benjamin John Squash
Irvine,Duncan Road Running
Jabaar, Riedwaan Road Running
Jacobs,Bruna Road Running
Jacobs,Michal Road Running
Jessica, Holland Tennis
Johannes, Rainer Road Running
Johnson,Audrey Road Running
Johnstone, Alastair Michael Bell Life Member
Johnstone, Daniel Hockey – 5yrs
Johnstone, Jen Life Member
Jones, Nicola Road Running
Jones, Vaughan Road Running
Jonker, Rudolf Social
Joost,Andre Road Running
Kahts, Jessica Tennis
Kaiser,Konrad Road Running
Kamffer,Peter Bowls
Kamper, Adriaan Bowls
Kamper, Jaco Bowls
Kan,Randall Road Running
Kennedy, Douglas Bowls
Keulder, Dewald Hockey
Kinnear, Erica Social
Kleinhans,Melanie Tennis
Kotzee, Gerhard Road Running
Krige, Johann Hockey
Kroon, Bob Bowls
Kruger, Gerrit Social
Kruger,Neels Tennis
Lamplough, Alan Road Running
Lapham, Paul Social
Larskey,Dean Richard Road Running
Lawlor, Janine Road Running
Lawlor, Warren Road Running
Lawrence,Caron Road Running
Le Roux, Andrew Road Running
Leask, Brian Road Running
Lee, Clover – Ann Road Running
Leroy, Xavier Road Running
Lewis, Richard Cricket
Lewis,Randall Social
Liebenberg,Christa Tennis
Liebenburg,Schalk Road Running
Long,Adele Road Running
Lotkin,Roy Bowls
Louis, Gavin Tennis
Lund,Grant Tennis
Lyle, Bryan Social
Lynch ,Greg Squash
MacCallum, Richard Social
Magni, Peter Road Running
Mains-Sheard, Paul Social
Malcomess, Brian Road Running
Malherbe, Jaco Squash
Mandel, Beth Road Running
Mandeville,Morgan Road Running
Marais, Stefan Road Running
Marais,Belinda Sue Road Running
Marais,Caron Social
Mark,Caroline Tennis
Mark,Stephen Tennis
Marshall, Michael Road Running
Martin, David Hockey
Mather, Warren Bowls
Matsoso, Mpiti Road Running
Matthews, Rodney Road Running
Matthews, Rodney Road Running
Mauldon,Glyins Road Running
Mazhar, Ahmad Road Running
Mc Callum, Kevin Social
Mc Donald, Mia Hockey
McArdle, James Social
McKowen, Michael Hockey
McNabb, Ashley Social
McTaggart, Cordelia Hockey
Meyer, Stuart Road Running
Meyer,Anthony Road Running
Middleton, Mark Cricket
Mike, Tucker Social
Milicevic,Vic Social
Miller, John Social
Miller, Stephen Road Running
Mills, Debbie Road Running
Mills, Geoff Road Running
Mills,Natalie Road Running
Mills,Sean Road Running
Mitchley, Colin Road Running
Moodie, Alistair Hockey
Morris, Wayne Social
Mtake,Taurai Tennis
Mthembu,Aaron Staff
Mumford,Peter Social
Munro, Bruce Life Member
Munro, Jean Life Member
Murgatroyd, Matthew Hockey
Nathan,James Road Running
Nel, Chris Hockey
Nell, Lodewijk Squash / Bowls
Nelson, Alan Road Running
Nelson, Bradley Staff
Newman, Colin Social
Newsome, Rob Tennis
Neyt, Gaby Hockey
Nkosi, Mlungisi Cricket
Nkosi, Reginald Road Running
Norton, L Social
Nyarkoh, Edward Hockey
O’Connor,Denis Bowls
O’Flaherty,Caroline Tennis
Odendaal, Anton Road Running
Odendaal, Liza Road Running
Opperman, Dennis Social
Osborne, Milton Tennis
Paddey, Greg Hockey
Panyeko,Pumezo Squash
Papageorgiou, George Social
Parr, Matthew Cricket
Paschkewitz, Marco Road Running
Patz, Edunne Tennis
Pellegrini, Benaimino Road Running
Pellegrini, Franco Road Running
Pellegrini, Sharon Road Running
Pettit,Sean Social
Petzer,Nicole Staff
Pienaar,Barto Squash
Pieter, Oberholzer Road Running
Polley,Nick Tennis
Poole,Rory Social
Potgieter,Willem Tennis
Poultney, Dave Social
Poultney,Rose Tennis
Pournara, G Tennis
Prentice,Greg Road Running
Preston, Chana-Lee Road Running
Prowse,Kerryn Road Running
Raal, Nick Hockey
Raath, Mary-Lyn Road Running
Raath,Rowan Road Running
Rabe,Jana Road Running
Ramlakan, Alistair Road Running
Raubenheimer, Mark Road Running
Redinger, Edi Bowls
Rex, Grant Road Running
Rhodes, Nik Social
Rice, Joni Hockey
Richter, Gideon Cricket
Rickauer, Jorg Bowls
Riviere, Eddie Social
Robertson, Heather Hockey
Rollinson, Sue Tennis
Roodt, Gerhardt Hockey
Sakhesson-Pollock, Jonathan Tennis
Sampson, Malcolm Bowls
Scholtz,Brendin Road Running
Schwartz, Mike Social
Scroope,Amy Squash
Scroope,Mary Squash
Seddon,Peter Road Running
Seddon,Sue Road Running
Senyadiwa,General Road Running
Seperepere, Macy Hockey
Shaw, Craig Hockey
Skjoldhammer, Barry Leslie Social
Skjoldhammer, David Social
Sloan, Monique Hockey
Smit,Jacobus Petrus Road Running
Smith, Charles Road Running
Smith, Edwin Road Running
Smith, Matthew Hockey
Smith, Roxi Road Running
Smith, Russell Road Running
Smith, Tiffany Road Running
Smith,Clive Social
Smith,Damian Road Running
Smith,Euan Social
Smith,Jason Road Running
Smith,Johan Tennis
Smith,Matthew Road Running
Smith,Neil Baseball
Smith,Penny Road Running
Smith,Ruth Road Running
Smith,Shelagh Road Running
Snyman, Marlene Hockey
Spark, Steve Social
Spies, L Cricket
Stadtlander, Curly Social
Stakes, Nicole Hockey
Stark, Theresia Road Running
Stark,Catherine Road Running
Stark,Vicky Road Running
Stead,Peter Social
Stewart, Robyn Road Running
Steyn, AJ Tennis
Steyn, Maretha Tennis
Stirling, Sean Social
Stones, Jonathan Road Running
Strydom, Rowan Cricket
Sullivan,Peter Social
Surianarain,Sharmila Tennis
Sweidan, Lauren Road Running
Swift, John Social
Swunland, E Hockey
Szabo, Chris Road Running
Tappin,Blythe Road Running
Taylor ,Jonathan Road Running
Terry,Christopher Social
Teubes,Phyllis Road Running
Thabethe, Mzwandile Road Running
Thaver,Matthew Social
Theron, Phillip Road Running
Theunissen, Mike Bowls
Thoma, Adrien Road Running
Thomson, Bruce Social
Tlhapane, Stephen Road Running
Tracey, Gavin Tennis
Tucker, Bev Social
Tucker,Annette Road Running
Tucker,Wayne Running – 5 yrs 2015-2019
Turner, Howard Social
Umpleby, Neil Social
van Biljon,Liesl Road Running
Van Blerk, Dale Road Running
Van Blerk, Piet Social
van der Linde,Jason Road Running
van der Merwe,Jan Road Running
van der Walt,Rohan Squash
van Dyk,Matt Life Member
Van Niekerk, Yolandi Hockey
van Niekerk,Tertius Tennis
Van Olst ,Sarah Jane Road Running
Van Olst, Marc Road Running
Van Rooyen, Edward Road Running
van Rooyen,Johan Tennis
Van Tonder, Janri Tennis
Van Zyl, Kris Squash
Van  Der Walt, Jan Cricket
vd Berg,Alison Road Running
vd Berg,Eric Road Running
Veitch, Ronnie Bowls
Vels, Chris Bowls
Venter, Janet Social
Venter, Rela Social
Ver Loren, Jana Tennis
Visser, Peter Squash
Vlaming, Paul Road Running
Vos, Andre Road Running
Vreken, Jan Road Running
Wagener, Raymond Road Running
Wagmann,Zeev Tennis
Watermeyer, Melanie Tennis
Watermeyer,Bruce Tennis
Watts, Evan Road Running
Webster, Gregg Road Running
Weirich,Patrick Tennis
Welsford, Kim Social
Welsford,Non Squash
White,John Social
Whiting, Peter (Peer) Social
Whitton, Tony Squash
Wilkins,Grant Squash
Williams, Ainsley Running – 5 yrs 2015-2019
Wilmot, Andrew Road Running
Wilmot, Sue Road Running
Wilson, Jade Hockey
Wilson, Liam Road Running
Wilson,George Bowls
Wood, Martin Road Running
Wooldridge, Rod Social
Wright, Grant Social
Xafis, Peter Social
Yon, Nicholas Road Running
Young,Barbara Social
Zeegers, Julian Road Running
Zeller, John Squash

Road Races October 2018



Information about the races has been obtained from the Runnersguide website and is up to date at the time of publication of the newsletter. October has some interesting races before a few massive ones in November.
5 October 2018


[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 7th October [/su_heading]

Spar Women’s 10km Joburg

The Joburg event of the Spar Women’s series is a 10km from Marks Park around Greenside, Emmarentia and Parkview. It uses many of the same roads as some of our training runs so not quite as flat and fast as advertised. The race includes on the day entries from the venue.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 14th October [/su_heading]

5km Fun Walk 4 Champs

The Fun Walk 4 Champs is an event hosted by our Pirates 2 Pirates partners – the Greater Motlana Branch of the Orlando Pirates Supporters Club.  It is a fund raising event to raise funds for the Vukani Learning Centre.  It is an event that we encourage Pirates to support.  It is based at the Moletsane Sports Complex near Jabulani Mall.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 14th October[/su_heading]

Burger & Co 15km

The Burger & Co is the old Sportsmans Warehouse 15km and has been moved back to the Boksburg stadium.  The route includes many of the same parts as the Colgate race in May and as in Boksburg it is flat and fast.  Interestingly enough this race doesn’t hand out medals with finishers all getting a buff.  Entries are available at the venue before the race.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 21st October[/su_heading]

Diepkloof Half Marathon & 10km

The Diepkloof Half is a tough race using some of the hills found on the Soweto Marathon route.  The race entry includes a t-shirt to the first 1000 entrants.  Entries are available on the morning of the race.

[su_heading size=”16″]Wednesday 31st October [/su_heading]

Rowlin National Brokers 15, 10 & 5km

This is another Benoni Northerns race and one of the few remaining night races left. Being in Benoni it will be pancake flat. They always try make it a festive race so it is termed a “Glow Run”? Entries are available at the start.


[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 6th October [/su_heading]

Chamberlain Capital Classic Half Marathon

The Chamberlain Capital Classic is another race hosted by Phobians and is just one of the large PTA races in October. The route is quite a tough route with the half marathon being a double lapper of the 10km. Entries are available on the morning of the race.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 13th October [/su_heading]

SABS Jacaranda City Challenge

The Jacaranda City Challenge is Pretoria’s big marathon in the second half of the year. The marathon and the half are pre-entry only which close on the 5th October. The race has moved venue down the road to the Pretoria Rugby Club. The route is flatter compared to other Pretoria races with the route all being within the bowl of Pretoria – no worries about Waterkloof Ridge.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 20th October [/su_heading]

CSIR Half Marathon

The CSIR race is run from the CSIR campus just to the side of the N1. The race has a challenging part to it as it runs to the top of the koppie that is part of the CSIR campus. Entries are available on race day at the venue.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 27th October [/su_heading]

CSIR Irene Farm Race

The final race in the Irene series and probably the most interesting one as the route takes you around the Irene Diary Farm and the Irene Golf Course – there is a stretch through the farm where you run through a barn whilst played to by a boereorkes.  Entries are available on the morning of the race.


[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 13th October [/su_heading]

Voet van Afrika

This year is the 40th edition of Voet.  This is a very tough marathon as portions of it are on trail straight over the mountain above Napier before heading back to Bredasdorp.  The race has a special character with many of the Cape Town clubs using it for their out of town race.  The race is pre-entry only which is sold out.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 14th October [/su_heading]

Outsurance 94.5KFM Gun Run

The Gun Run is one of the bigger half marathons in the country, rivalled only by the Two Oceans Half.  The course is flat and fast with only one slight hill to even worry about.  The race is pre-entry only with entries closing on the 4th October.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 20th October[/su_heading]

Harrismith Mountain Race

The mountain race is described as tough, tough, tough….  The race is one of the oldest races in South Africa and definitely the oldest trail race as it has been held since 1922.  The race climbs up and down the Platberg above Harrismith with the route being 7km up and 7km down (one “flat” km on the top of the mountain).  Entries are available on race day which starts at 9:30 (historically a late start to allow runners to get there from Gauteng and Natal).

Pirates Running April Birthdays



Wishing all our members well this month!

6 April 2018

[su_box title=”Sunday 1 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Maddie Brummer[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Wednesday 4 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Angelo Coppola[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Thursday 5 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]General Senyadiwa[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Friday 6 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Jessica Holland[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Tuesday 10 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”] Shelagh Smith & Vicky Stark[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Thursday
12 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Max Gebhardt[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Friday 13 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Valerie Wiggett[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Sunday
15 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Randall Kan[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Tuesday 17 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Melissa Hofert[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Wednesday 18 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Luc Tellier[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Thursday
19 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Doug Dunbar[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Saturday
21 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Jimmy Styan & Dantzler Smith[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Sunday
22 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Konrad Kaiser[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Sunday 29 April” box_color=”#c30c1c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Audrey Johnson[/su_box]

April Road Races



Information about the races has been obtained from the Runners guide website and is up to date at the time of publication of the newsletter.

5 APRIL 2018


[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 8th April [/su_heading]

Alan Robb 32 & 15km

The Alan Robb race is the traditional Germiston Callie race, now named after one of their famous runners (as one of the oldest Joburg clubs they have had a few Comrades legends run for them).  It is relatively quick although the runnersguide route description says the second half is tough which sees you running through the industrial areas close to Rand Airport.  Route goes through some of the older parts of Germiston for those that like Joburg history).  Online entries are closed but you can enter on the morning of the race.  Note the start time of 6:30 – most races will start at this time with sunrise being later.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 15th April  [/su_heading]

Jackie Gibson Marathon & Alan Ferguson Half Marathon

This race taking place in and around Kibler Park is renowned for having a tough route that goes over the Klipriviersberg ridge. Another one of Joburg’s oldest club Harriers have moved this race around over the last few years. The start is at the Kibler Park Rec centre again which would indicate a clockwise route. The flyer mentions that it is pre-entries only which have closed. It does appear that you can still enter on Webtickets if needed.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 22nd April [/su_heading]

Birchwood Half Marathon & 10km

The Birchwood Half is probably Joburg’s quickest 21km, run around the Boksburg suburbs close to the Airport.  Normal problem for Championchip races though is that it is already sold out. 

[su_heading size=”16″]Friday 27th April[/su_heading]

MiWayLife Cradle Humankind 32km, half marathon & 10km

Another race that is pre-entries only and by the time you are reading this, entries would have closed.  The route is a very scenic out and back (turn around the bin) for all distances.  The routes are quite lumpy as you go from valley to hill.  Generally an enjoyable race but the traffic can be a huge problem getting in do car pooling is suggested.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 29th April [/su_heading]

Robor Scaffolding 50, Marathon, Half, 10 & 5km

The last marathon in Joburg before Comrades.  The Benoni Northerns route is pretty flat although the bits through Ebotse golf course always a challenge.  The most difficult aspect of this race is the fact that the split for the double lap (and triple lap for the 50km) is right at the finish – causing a lot of temptation to just stop instead of going out for another lap.  Pre-entries close on 22nd April but you can enter on the weekend of the race at the club.


[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 7th April [/su_heading]

Ford 3-in-1

Information on this race is relatively scarce as it appears to be a newish race.  It starts from Ford’s sports fields in Silverton, hence the sponsorship.  You are able to enter on the morning of the race.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 8th April [/su_heading]

Modern Athlete Irene Ultra Marathon

The Irene Ultra is designed to take advantage of an anomaly in the Comrades seeding brackets.  48km races have the same qualifying criteria as a 50km distance so you are therefore getting “2 free kms”.  The course is designed without any significant hills to ensure that runners can get their best possible time.  Finally as it is partnered by Championchip they provide mat-to-mat times to Comrades for seeding purposes.  Race is pre-entry only.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 21st April [/su_heading]

PnP Sosh Morula Half Marathon & 10km

This race is run from Giant Stadium in Soshanguve.  Entries are available on the morning of the race.  Information is limited on the net so difficult to find a route description.   

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 28th April [/su_heading]

Tshwane Half Marathon & 10km

The Tshwane half is one of those races not affiliated to any club but rather hosted by the regional body (City 2 City used to be organized by CGA and AGN, now CGA don’t organise any races).  It is the second one in the month starting in the industrial area of Silverton which is relatively flat.  Entries are available on the morning of the race.

[su_heading size=”16″]Tuesday 1st May [/su_heading]

MiWay Wally Hayward Marathon

The Wally is the last official Comrades qualifier and the last marathon prior to Comrades.  Many runners use this as their final tune up race (or desperate qualifier) and as such it has been recorded as South Africa’s third biggest race.  The race is pre-entry only which close on the 15th April.  Please note the new venue of the Centurion rugby club which should make access a little easier.



April sees the final marathons that can be used as Comrades qualifiers.  We have only focused on the big races which are predominantly marathon distance or further.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 7th April [/su_heading]

Arthur Cresswell Memorial Ultra Marathon & Half

The Bergville to Ladysmith Ultra is one of the historic race dates on the calendar.  The 52km distance gives you slightly more qualifying time than the 50km races (Om Die Dam, Loskop & Benoni) so is a great one to improve seeding.  The point to point race starts in Bergville which is higher than Ladysmith so another net downhill race with the second half being predominantly downhill.  The ultra is pre-entry only which closed at the start of April.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 15th April [/su_heading]

Durban City Marathon and Half

The Durban City Marathon is a favourite amongst some of the KZN runners due to it being almost dead flat.  For a hilly city they make sure that you don’t get anywhere close to the Berea ridge.  Race is pre-entry only although you can enter on race weekend at a premium, just not on the morning of the event.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 21st April [/su_heading]

Forever Resorts Loskop Ultra Marathon

Loskop is these days one of the Big 4 Ultra marathons.  Run as a point to point from Middelburg to the Loskop Dam it is quick and a net downhill race.  Always a good race to use for seeding or qualifying due to the quick course.  The race is pre-entry only and this year Pirates have a bus taking a number of the runners through.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 21st April [/su_heading]

Langebaan Country Estate Weskus Marathon, Half, 10 & Fun Run

The race is held within the West Coast National Park and the beauty of the race is that there are no cars on the route – runners have the whole roads to themselves.  The marathon is point to point.  Both marathon and half are pre-entries only with entries closing on 16 April 2018.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 28th April [/su_heading]

Potato Pride Wilge Marathon, Half & 10km

The Potato Pride is one of the last marathons outside of Gauteng for those looking to qualify for Comrades (although same weekend as Benoni and Wally so only for those looking for something different).  The route does include quite a bit of offroad but as it is along the banks of the Wilge river it is flat and fast.  You can enter on the morning of the race.