Hi there Pirates members

Have you joined our Superbru Group yet and told your friends about it??  Please support the club in this fun initiative to raise funds

Here is the information again for you

Join now and don’t delay!!!

Pirates is organising a Superbru Pool for the 2013 Currie Cup Season and we would like everyone to join in the fun

We are using this as a fundraiser for the Club we would therefore like your support.  The cost is R100.00 to enter.  R50.00 will go to the Club and R50.00 will go to the winner of the group.  Depending on the number of entries we get will determine how the winnings will be split.  Hopefully we have enough for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize

How it will work is:

  1. If you are not registered with Superbru then you need to do that first – very simple visit their website www.superbru.com and follow the instructions to be register yourself
  2. Once registered look for the Pirates Currie Cup Challenge – you can use the pool code below to find it
  3. You then apply to be a member of the Pirates Currie Cup Group Dave Benn will then accept you
  4. Before you can be accepted by Dave you will have to pay your R100.00 – either in cash to the barmen or by eft to FNB Northcliff (253 705)

Acc No:  503 317 54785. Please use your name and Superbru as the reference


  1. The Currie Cup Season starts on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of August so you need to join NOW so as not to lose out.

If you are already registered with Superbru it is very easy just click on the links below and get started

We look forward to the support of all our members and friends

Please pass this on to anyone you know – the more members we have the more the Club makes and the more the winners make.  So it is a win all round .