Information about the races has been obtained from the Runners guide website and is up to date at the time of publication of the newsletter.
7 MAY 2018


[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 6th May [/su_heading]

Colgate 32, 15 & 6km

The Colgate race is a staple on the calendar, especially in tapering down to Comrades.  With Comrades a little earlier this year it does change things somewhat.  Colgate is always sold out in advance with the goodie bag being one of the best.  Pre-entries are already closed.  The 32km is a double lapper and the route is relatively quick and flat although the little hills can feel challenging at times.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 20th May[/su_heading]

RAC Sweatshop / Asics 10km

The RAC 10km is a big one on the Pirates calendar due to the large Pirates bus.  There is more information in this newsletter but essentially it is the one opportunity where we show colours en masse.  Bring a whistle, a drum, a tambourine or a vuvuzela and make a large amount of noise as we run the last kilometre together.  Entries are available at Sweatshop, on Entrytime or on the weekend of the race.


[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 5th May [/su_heading]

Love Run Half Marathon, 10 & 5km

The Love Run race starts at the Hatfield Church in Waterkloof Glen.  The route is described as moderate to testing, which would be an apt description for any race in that part of Pretoria taking in the East part of Waterkloof Ridge (part of the dreaded hills on Sunrise Monster and Deloittes).  Similar to most races in Pretoria you are able to enter on the morning of the race which starts at 7am.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 6th May[/su_heading]

Wings for Life World Run

The Wings for Life is a charity race with no pre-determined direction.  You set off from the start 30mins ahead of a car that then proceeds to drive at a standard pace of 4min/km or 15km/h.  When the car overtakes you your race is done.  The race is run around the world at the same time hence the late start of 1pm.  The world record is 88.4km before being caught.  Pre-entries only which are already closed.

[su_heading size=”16″]Wednesday 14th February [/su_heading]

My Spar Irene Lantern 10 & 5km Night Race

One of the many races hosted by Irene during the year. The Night Race is their flattest and shortest one. The unique characteristic of this race is that the entire route is lit by lanterns. Similar to most night races you are able to get entries before the start.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 12th May [/su_heading]

Jackie Mekler 25km & 10km

The Jackie Mekler race is a very quick race around the Voortrekkerhoogte military base. The route is generally flat to undulating with a few climbs and a number of lengthy downhills. Entries are available on the morning of the race. The 25km is a double lapper of the 10km with an additional section in the middle of the lap.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 19th May  [/su_heading]

Race of Hope Grove Mall Half Marathon

This race is organized by the Run/Walk for Life of Pretoria and starts at the Grove Shopping Centre in Equestria. Information on the internet is scarce with regards to the route but we would expect based on the part of Pretoria it is in that it could be relatively flat, being out in the East. Entries are on Entrytime and available on race day.

[su_heading size=”16″]Saturday 26th May [/su_heading]

Superspar Hercules Skosana Legend 10 & 5km

Another race organized by the Run/Walk for Life of Pretoria and very similar information  available to the Grove Mall one.  This one starts at the Superspar on Moot Street.  Information on the internet is scarce with regards to the route but we would expect based on the part of Pretoria it could be hilly or flat depending which direction they head.  Entries are on Entrytime and available on race day.



All the marathons are finished around the country so this month’s races we mention are those that have substantial field sizes over the shorter distances – a very quiet month for races.

[su_heading size=”16″]Sunday 20th May  [/su_heading]


FNB hold a short distance race in each major metro during the year.  May sees the Cape Town leg of it.  The race is 12km long from Milnerton into the city bowl and is a pan flat course through the harbour.  Entries are still available at this stage.  The Joburg leg of the series takes place at the end of September.