Good Afternoon Pirates Friends

Unfortunately time has run away with me today and am unable to put an official newsletter out.

I would however like all Pirates members to think of our runners on Sunday who are running the Comrades Marathon.

We are so proud of all of you and look forward to seeing you all on TV on Sunday with a medal around your neck.

Good wishes from all the Pirates members and may it be a day to remember.  To the novice runners enjoy every minute of this wonderful race

Special mention to John Stark who is running his 30th Run on Sunday – may the wind be behind you all day Starkie.

Here is the list of runners who will be starting in Durban on Sunday.

Bryan Antolik

Ian Benson

Lee Bromfield

Martin Buck

David Case

Sandra Case

Angelo Coppola

Michelle Davis

Lesley Dennison

Thane Duffin

Yunis Francis

Jp Grobler

Scott Harvey

Geoffrey Hunt

Hilton Joseph

Alan Lamplough

Warren Lawlor

Peter Magni

Brian Malcomess

Lethu Malimela

Luke Matthews

Glynis Mauldon

Richard Mccafferty

Tracey Mckay

Andrew Mckeaveney

Colin Mitchley

Reginald Nkosi

Beniamino Pellegrini

Chana-Lee Preston

Paula Prioste

Orlaf Schepers

Edwin Smith

Jason Smith

Shelagh Smith

John Stark

Adrien Thoma

Jan Vreken