Pirates Club was founded in 1888

and has called Greenside home for the past 78 years.

 The sports club is a non-profit association of members open to all and has always been run on a tight budget with every cost-cutting measure being made over the past three months to keep expenses to the minimum. The reality is that the club is still obliged to pay rent and utilities to the city and is doing everything possible to keep providing for our 22 staff and others who depend on the club for their livelihoods.

We receive no grants or other support to provide and maintain our sports and community facilities. Although the Club bars and most sports facilities remain closed for now we are still happy to welcome visitors using our space for recreation and relaxation at your own risk.

The continued closure of our bars is disastrous for Pirates as this revenue, together with membership subs is all we depend on to continue providing our facilities and supporting staff.

We are working hard to ensure Joburg’s oldest sports club will be around for many more years but we need your help!

Please consider joining as a member, supporting our fundraising drive and our restaurant partners

Donations can be made via your Scan to Pay/tapping Zapper link on your phone or EFT into the club account:

Pirates Sports Club

Acc: 503 317 54785

Branch: 253705
Ref: Name+ C19

email: info@piratesclub.co.za with proof of payment


As a small token of thanks we will be offering inscriptions for all donations over R1000 and R500 on our Clubhouse bar

and a commemorative t-shirt to all who donate over R500.

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