Good Morning Pirates Members

We need your help to save Johannesburg’s sports clubs!

The City of Johannesburg, intends, in terms of its 2013/14 Rates Policy, to levy new rates as of 1 July 2013 that will see property zoned as private land for recreational use, including Pirates Sports Club and other sports and golf clubs around the City, being charged under Business and Commercial rates. Coupled with an inflated land valuation this will result in a 1000% plus increase of our rates and similar escalations for sports and golf clubs throughout Johannesburg. As most sports clubs, including Pirates, are non-profit organizations, it goes without saying that in the long term, to be charged the same rates as commercial entities will simply be unsustainable.

It is not too late to help stop the roll out of the new Rates Policy that could, in the long term, see the green lungs and community spaces around us be swallowed up as commercial development.

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: By objecting  to the Policy at the Public Participation meeting with the City
WHEN: Wednesday 17 April from 6-8pm (today)
WHERE: Marks Parks Sports Club in Judith Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg.

A representative of CMASA (Club Management Association of South Africa) will present our objection, but we need support in numbers to make it clear how serious this situation is and the potential impact on grass roots sport in our country. The same call for support has been extended to all clubs in Johannesburg.

Please support Pirates Club in this important objection!